The Valentine Concert

Aanvang 15:00 uur

1. Nostalgia in Times Square    (C. Mingus)  

    Met Marjorie Barnes;

2. I've Got the World on a String (H. Arlen)
3. Quiet Nights  (A.Jobim)
4. I Love the Blues  (T. Harper)
5. Embraceable You (G.Gershwin)
6. Misty (E.Garner)
7. Just One of Those Things (C. Porter)
8. Street of Dreams  ( V. Young)


1. Hush-a-Bye    ( C.L. Ambroise Thomas/J. Griffin) 

   Met Marjorie Barnes;

2. The Touch of Your Lips (R. Noble)
3. Speak Low (K. Weill)
4. But Not for Me (G. Gershwin)
5. Tenderly  (W. Gross)
6. Fly Me To The Moon (B. Howard)
7. Our Love is Here To Stay (G. Gershwin)
8. What a Wonderful World  (B. Thiele/G.D. Weiss)

tl_files/Artiesten/Barnes, Marjorie 1.jpg
Marjorie Barnes

tl_files/Artiesten/Boeren, Bert.jpg
Bert Boeren